5 Good Reasons To Get An Associate Degree In Homeland Security

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An associate degree in homeland security can help you find a rewarding and interesting job. You will be able to take part in keeping your country and its residents safe. HS jobs are high in demand and will remain so because knowledgeable professionals are always needed to lend their abilities to this important cause.

You will be taught the skills you need to get a job where you can truly make a difference. Below are 5 good reasons to pursue associate degree in homeland security.

1. Working in homeland security is fulfilling:

If you are interested in security and law enforcement on a national scale, homeland security is a great career choice. The security of the homeland has played a big role in keeping the United States safe since the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001. Terrorism is always a concern, and you can join the fight against it by getting an associate degree in homeland security.

2. You can choose from a variety of entry-level jobs as soon as you complete your degree:

Homeland security is a broad term that includes many different types of jobs. You will have a variety of career opportunities and will be able to work in the field that most interests you. You can be a security or a police officer if you want to be on the front lines of public protection. You can also work at one of the many DHS (Department of Homeland) agencies that are always looking for responsible professionals to join them.


They include such well-known organizations as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service. There are many different work opportunities within these agencies and you can pursue the cause that you are most passionate about.

3. You classes will teach you skills that will always be in demand:

An associate degree includes studying how to best safeguard your nation including learning about computer security and biosecurity. You will also be taught the latest methods that are used to fight terrorism. These skills are very valuable. People who are knowledgeable in security of their homeland will always be in demand to maintain the safety of the country and its citizens.

4. You will have more opportunities with a degree in homeland security than criminal justice:

People who study homeland security are seen as very responsible and serious individuals by all employers. It says that you are prepared to take on the responsibilities associated with the safety of the entire nation. You can get a government job in homeland security or work at a local agency.

5. You can earn a good salary:

The skills you will gain when studying for your associate degree in security of the homeland are very valuable. Depending on where you choose to work, you can earn a very good wage. Your earning potential in this field significantly increases when you have a degree.

Today’s economy is very tough, but jobs in homeland security are always in demand. Terrorism and developing an effective response to natural disasters have been a major concern over the last couple of years. Getting an associate degree can help you earn a high salary, choose the job you’ve always dreamed of, and help keep your country safe.

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