Oct 09 2017

Add More Style To Your Wheels With Mercedes Benz Hubcaps}

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Add More Style To Your Wheels With Mercedes Benz Hubcaps


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Early hubcaps were very small that they merely covered the greased wheel bearing. These snap onto bulges on the wheel, and to change the wheel they are pried off with a tool resembling a very large slotted-tip screwdriver. Most hubcaps produced earlier were once made of chrome-plated steel or stainless steel.

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Nowadays, metal hubcaps are nearly obsolete even at the original equipment level. The situation is similar to that of metal dashboards which are now obsolete but once were the material of choice for car makers. Hubcaps made from high-tech plastics are becoming more and more popular although ordinary plastics were already used as early as the 1970’s. This special kind of hubcaps feature a two-step base coat/clear coat finish for additional durability. On modern automobiles, full-wheel hubcaps are most commonly seen on budget models and base trim levels, while upscale and performance-oriented models have alloy wheels. A hubcap size is the same as the tire size. It means that if the vehicle has 14-inch tires, the hubcap size is also 14 inches. A unique version of the hubcap, particularly German the brand BBS, is attached on to the wheel first then bolted on as if the driver/mechanic is bolting the wheel to his car in the manner of changing their wheel. It is usually aluminum-made and is designed to distribute airflow. This design generates downforce depending on the shape. Also, a carbon fiber variant was introduced in Formula 1 when it was used by Scuderia Ferrari whom BBS supply its wheels to.

A common problem with Mercedes Benz hubcaps is their tendency of falling off due to hitting a bump. Clip-on hubcaps tend to pop off suddenly when the wheel impacts a pothole or curbstone, while bolt-on hubcaps are more likely to vibrate loose over time, and tend to rattle and squeak. Because of this problem, bolt on hubcaps are available for very few vehicles nowadays. The majority of hubcaps in use today uses a wire retention type system. This system provides the most secure retention possible. If the hubcaps are mounted properly to the wheel, they will not come off unless they need to be removed in order to change a tire.

A Mercedes Benz hubcap bears the trademark or symbol of Mercedes Benz. Early hubcaps were however often chrome plated, and many had decorative, non-functional spokes. It is important to note that Mercedes Benz hubcaps must only be installed on painted wheels for proper fit and are designed to secure properly to chrome plated wheels. Remember that flying-off of Mercedes Benz hubcaps is not a concern if proper installation is used.Mercedes Benz hubcaps

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Add More Style To Your Wheels With Mercedes Benz Hubcaps


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