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Submitted by: Erzana Jones

A slight toothache is usually ignored by most of us, and that is exactly what I had done in the beginning. Now that I have just emerged from the dentist’s office with a painful extraction of my tooth, I have realized my mistake of having ignored minor dental problems that could turn into something major. Although most of us follow a daily oral regime that had been taught to us from the very childhood, but we hardly keep in mind the little things which can severely damage our teeth in the long run. For instance, any kind of beverage of extreme temperature is supposed to harm our teeth and even addiction to nicotine could cause ugly stains that are difficult to get rid off. We know all these things but yet are not too careful about the food and beverages that we consume on a daily basis and our unhealthy lifestyle promotes further dental damage. It is advisable to keep a regular check on our dental health and visit a dentist New York regularly to ensure that our teeth remains problem free lifelong.

A regular appointment with a dentist New York can seem to be a bothersome task but it is a necessity and should be a way of life. Slight toothaches cab turn out to be something major if there is no intervention at the proper time. Also, accidents and diseases can also leave an effect on our teeth causing various problems like misalignment, broken or chipped teeth or you could have a problem of stained teeth which make you self conscious in public. Whatever be your dental problem, a competent dentist New York can handle it expertly and hence you need to entrust yourself in the care of such an experienced doctor.


If you are residing in New York, it is easy to locate a dentist New York who has the necessary expertise to handle any and every dental ailments. The yellow pages or the internet are a good source of information and you could use them to find a reputed dentist for you and your family. Also, the reference of other patients is a feasible option for selecting a dentist to whom you could entrust the responsibility of dental health care of your entire family. However, simply visiting the dentist on a regular basis is not sufficient, it is also necessary to follow his advice in your day to day life.

As we have heard that prevention is better than cure, hence small steps taken to ensure a dental care routine can indeed go a long way in ensuring good, healthy set of dentures for everyone. A smile can either make or mar one’s personality and a beautiful smile needs healthy, white teeth. Simple steps like brushing regularly after every meal if possible, visiting your dentist New York on a timely schedule and eating healthy food will go a long way in preserving your set of teeth for long. If you do have a regular routine for oral care then go ahead and flaunt your smile to the world.

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