Sep 17 2018

Apple to hold media event on September 1, may update iPods and Apple TV

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Apple Inc. will hold a music-centered event in San Francisco, California on September 1. It has been widely speculated that the company will introduce an updated line of iPod portable music players and a new Apple TV.

The company e-mailed invitations for the event to various media organizations on Wednesday. The message included a picture of a guitar and the time of the event. Apple did not release any information about what products would be involved.

Apple has released new iPods through previous similar events in September in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. This year, Apple may unveil a new iPod Touch with two cameras, similar to their recent iPhone 4 design. It will likely also update the iTunes music store and software.

Speculation about a new Apple TV is mixed. While many blogs are reporting that a refresh of the device will be announced, analysts say that it is unlikely to happen during next Wednesday’s event. According to Reuters, sources are saying that Apple is negotiating with major television networks, including ABC and NBC, in order to provide shows for purchase on iTunes. However, they also reported that the deal has not been completed, and none of the companies involved have commented on the rumors.

It has also been rumored that Apple will introduce a new online music service. In 2009, Apple took over a company that allowed users to stream music online rather than download individual songs. Apple has not confirmed the rumors.

Last September’s media event saw the return of Apple CEO Steve Jobs after he took a break to undergo a liver transplant. This year, the event will be held in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, previously used by Apple in April for the unveiling of the iPad.

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Sep 14 2018

Corks fly in wine truck fire in Wyoming, US

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Wamsutter, Wyoming, US, a fire crew were trying to put out a fire of a wine truck on a highway when they received an unexpected surprise.

Wine corks started to burst out of the wreckage as bottles started to explode from the heat. Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Scott Keane said: “The corks were popping out of the bottles like the old Jiffy Pop (popcorn) we grew up with. My trooper got hit in the arm with one.”

But luckily, as Keane commented, no one was killed or seriously injured and the truck driver managed to escape the fire, which occurred on Thursday after a crash on Interstate 80.

The intensity of the fire caused the tires on the trailer to melt down and the trailer to burn down to its wheel axles, damaging 75 feet of pavement in the process.

The corks were popping like Jiffy Pop

Keane stated that the cause of the fire was likely to be either a locked brake or a hub malfunction. It is currently unknown what the value of the loss in the fire was. The Wyoming Department of Transportation have commented that there was nothing left of the cab or trailer and the remaining bottles of wine from Oregon and Washington had disappeared overnight.

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Sep 13 2018

Hewlett-Packard to expand partnership with SAP

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Monday Hewlett-Packard is to announce that it is expanding its partnership with SAP. The partnership will be working with NetWeaver around several new services. The company is also expected to mention about its new enterprise solutions that are currently in development.

Hewlett-Packard will offer its clients services for upgrading servers, storage and NetWeaver – SAP’s application builder platform meant for integrating business processes throughout different systems. Among other services that the company is going to provide comprise assessment, governance and some architecture services for R3.

The manager of Worldwide Packaged Applications for Enterprise Applications Services at HP Services Consulting & Integration, Tim Treat, stated that the company first of all looks at servers, storage and management and only afterwards it makes a proposal regarding the things that are to be updated. He mentioned that when Hewlett-Packard will work on upgrading servers and management, it will turn its attention towards Intel.

After performing all the upgrades, the company is going to offer its clientele a variety of services package options that are related to NetWeaver. The services offered by Hewlett-Packard will include: enabling the service, design and implementation, application development and management.

Tim Treat said that adaptive infrastructure is one of the company’s new things that are to come. Recently the company’s clients have put in place enough hardware capacity and infrastructure with the goal of supporting peak or quarter-end processes. However, a big amount of that capacity is unused till peak times. This is why Hewlett-Packard looks forward to bring solutions that are to allow users pay for the things they really use.

Treat also outlined the fact that, besides its new services, the company is to announce business-process consulting together with IDS Scheer – software and consulting company, which is one of the leading providers of Business Process Management and IT solutions.

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Sep 11 2018

Experts: obesity is a bigger threat than AIDS or bird flu

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Friday, September 8, 2006

From September 3 to 8, experts gathered at the 10th International Congress on Obesity in Sydney, Australia, to discuss what they call the worldwide “obesity epidemic”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 billion people in the world today are overweight, and 300 million of those are obese. “Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for serious diet-related chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer“, a WHO fact sheet states. According to AP, experts at the conference “have warned that obesity is a bigger threat than AIDS or bird flu, and will easily overwhelm the world’s health care systems if urgent action is not taken”.

Of particular concern is the large number of overweight children. Dr. Stephan Rossner from Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital, a leading obesity expert who was present at the conference, has warned that as a result of the increasing number of overweight children, “we will have, within a decade or two, a number of young people who are on kidney dialysis. There will not be organs for everybody”. UK-based International Obesity Task Force has said that junk food manufacturers target children, for example, through Internet advertising, chat rooms, text messages, and “advergames” on websites. Politicians are not doing enough to address the problem of obesity, including childhood obesity, the experts said.

According to Wikipedia, examples of junk food include, but are not limited to: hamburgers, pizza, candy, soda, and salty foods like potato chips and french fries. A well-known piece of junk food is the Big Mac. The US version of just one Big Mac burger contains 48% of calories from fat, 47% US Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of fat, 52% RDA of saturated fat, 26% RDA of cholesterol, 42% RDA of sodium, and little nutritional value. It also has 18% of calories from protein. According to WHO, most people need only about 5% calories from protein. Staples such as rice, corn, baked potatoes, pinto beans, as well as fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, oranges, and strawberries, provide more than this required amount of protein without the unhealthy amounts of fats or sodium, without cholesterol, and with plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Both WHO and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define overweight in adults as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or above, and obese as a BMI of 30 or above. To combat overweight and obesity, WHO recommends that, among other things, people should be taking the following steps

  • eating more fruit and vegetables, as well as nuts and whole grains;
  • engaging in daily moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes;
  • cutting the amount of fatty, sugary foods in the diet;
  • moving from saturated animal-based fats to unsaturated vegetable-oil based fats.

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Sep 09 2018

The Most Excellent Housing Scheme Of Dlf Privana By Dlf Group}

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Submitted by: Annya Kumar

DLF furnishes a breath taking DLF Privana a culture of low-rise certain houses where large size plus solitude flourish. This executive floor is located at SPR in addition portion of Alameda which holds of 150 Acre roughly. crowded flanked by the Aravallis on solitary side together with over 500 acres of master plan bright greens’ on the preceding it is intentionally located in elements 76 77, Gurgaon. At the meeting of NH8 SPR, it increases your individual gap as well as your terrain.

It is solitary of the accommodation system by DLF Group. It suggests spacious over and above deftly future 3 BHK green area apartments. The system is well competent of by way of all the amenities to make possible the needs of the dwellers. These green apartments have an existing house design in addition to they can also serve as a reverie dwelling in Gurgaon.

YouTube Preview Image

DLF Privana Gurgaon is a major town in this constituent of the city over and above will examine 500 acres of green piece which will be potted by the Gurgaon authorities. The enlargement is running to be located on the flowing jointly of NH 8 in addition to Southern PeripheryRoad.

The growth is running to be appropriately positioned which will authorize the residents jointly to shrink back and forth from the metropolis. Privana by DLF Gurgaon is a sole housing development consisting of low rise development floors in Stilt + 3 towers where stilt point is allocated for vehicle parking. The county is putting out to be a huge choice if you wish to shift here by signifies of your relations, as this is a section where somebody will love to gaze at his toddlers raise. This since the development is an ecological venture which will be a happily peculiar enlargement situated in the centre of a basically idyllic region. The region will have most excellent living regions which are running to propose features for instance most excellent equipment as well as fittings, wooden floorings on top of a great deal more.

DLF Privana Sector 76 77 Gurgaon is imaginary to be a county where loving life extent memories are amalgamation jointly. This system proposes you all the peaceful of house by signify of 3 BHK + Utility Floors within Stilt + 3 towers, which obtains care of the requirements of the entire family for regeneration as well as free time. Relax over and above refurbish on or after the multifaceted, muddled, plus self-imposed aggressive deadline attuned city lifestyle. Anticipating your supplies for console as well as being alone, this residential scheme builds every living province that will be your dream residence, the person that you ask for to inhabit it.

Apart from of if you are looking for a dwelling reverie or just for savings motive by indicates of this accommodation project, you are certain to be advantaged. DLF Group extends you a whole land supervision explanation therefore the normal preservation of the plan is not weight on your agenda.

This new coming project in Gurgaon is very near from green terra firma and it presents simple linking to countless important areas of Delhi NCR by its proximity from the connection of Golf Course Extension Road seeing that National Highway 8. For more info visit

About the Author: A new luxury homes launch by DLF Group, DLF Privana at Sectors 76 & 77 on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. DLF Privana on Sohna Road project is offering 3 BHK low rises special residencial homes with usefulness schemes are a fraction of DLF Garden City Township. For more info visit


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Sep 06 2018

Moscow celebrates Victory Day with military parade

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Monday, May 11, 2009

On May 9, Moscow heralded its celebrations of Victory Day with one of the largest military parades seen since the fall of the Soviet Union through the Red Square and the streets of Moscow. Signifying the defeat over Nazi Germany in 1945 in World War 2, Victory Day continues to be one of the most poignant and emotional celebrations and national holidays in Russia. Estimates of more than 27 million lost lives during the war continues to leave a vein of sadness in Russia.

Victory day began early in Moscow with inner city streets being closed from 6am and the major entrance of Tverskaya Ulitsa completely locked down with all access to non-military blocked until the end of the parade. Tens of thousands of people lined the upper parts of Tverskaya to see the exit of the military as well as the air force fly-over on their entrance to Red Square. In total more than 9,000 troops, 69 planes and a huge collection of armored vehicles, tanks, and massive anti-aircraft missile defense systems ensured that Moscovites and the rest of Russia will remember Victory Day 2009.

In scenes reminiscent of the end of the war military bands played around the city until all hours of the night. At Leningradsky station departing veterans and widows danced and celebrated with younger generations whilst loudly singing the national anthem. As trains departed, staff handed out flowers in recognition of the contributions made and loud cheers were heard across the many platforms. In a touching event it seemed to bond the generations of yesterday and today.

Preparations for the military parade began months ago with regular rehearsals in Alabino including the erection of a mock Red Square and Kremlin to ensure authenticity. Final dress rehearsals took place in Moscow on May 7 including a full practice of the air show. On display for the first time was the S-400 air defense system which is capable of intercepting airborne targets at ranges up to 400 kilometers (249 mi).

Following the official parades and ceremonies, Red Square and the the inner city was opened to the public, albeit under extreme security and an ever watching eye from Interior Ministry troops. During the afternoon there was an estimated crowed of over 100,000 which entered Red Square to admire the parade ground and decorations, including the official stand for the dignitaries.

Closing the festivities was a series of fireworks in fourteen different locations throughout Moscow including the grand display over the Kremlin and Red Square.

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Sep 05 2018

Associated Press will charge for online content in 2006

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Associated Press (AP) announced yesterday that it will charge its members for online content, starting on January 1, 2006. The decision occurred at its annual board meeting.

Until the new pricing arrangement takes place, news sites that purchase AP content for their print editions have been able to use the same content on their websites at no additional charge. No pricing scheme has been announced, but the AP did say that it would increase its fees less than usual this year to ease the transition.

Burl Osborne, the chairman of the AP’s board, stated that since the creation of the internet, the “AP’s philosophy was to promote member efforts to develop this new medium, and to give those fledgling online efforts time to grow.”

The price increase was not the only plan mentioned at the meeting. According to an AP report in the New York Times, “The AP also plans to introduce a new multimedia package designed to appeal to young adults, a prized advertising demographic deeply immersed in the Internet and other digital media.”

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Sep 05 2018

Over 100 dead and hundreds missing in Indonesia after tsunami destroys island villages

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

At least 113 people are now dead and hundreds more are missing after a 10 foot (3 m) tsunami destroyed several villages in a series of remote islands in western Indonesia. The tsunami was caused by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake which struck on Monday at 9:42 p.m. local time (14:42 UTC). The epicenter of the earthquake was 78 kilometers (48 mi) west of South Pagai, one of the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra.

“We are predicting that people will need food supplies and shelter. The rain is coming down very hard, the wind is very strong,” a local police officer said, addind that emergency posts had been set up and patrols were being made to try and locate the missing. An official said that they had purchased 200 body bags “just in case.”

We have people reporting to the security post here that they could not hold on to their children, that they were swept away. A lot of people are crying.

A local official said that most of the buildings in the coastal village of Betu Monga had been destroyed when the tsunami struck. “Of the 200 people living in that village, only 40 have been found. 160 are still missing, mostly women and children,” he said. “We have people reporting to the security post here that they could not hold on to their children, that they were swept away. A lot of people are crying.” Food supplies, he added, were running low.

Wisnu Wijaya, the preparedness director with the National Disaster Management Agency, said that the government is getting aid to the islands. “We already sent a rapid response team to this area, coordinated by the provincial government. We have local disaster management at Padang, because right now the condition of the wave is quite high,” he said. Wijaya added that high waves and stormy weather have made it difficult to reach the affected areas, and communication was a problem. Emergency shelters have been set up and the first team from Sumatra was arriving Tuesday evening to begin a rapid assessment of the aid that was needed. “Up to now, I think we still can manage this problem. Maybe also we’ll send staff to go there and make a better coordination. If they need national resources to deploy there, we’ll be ready to support local government,” Wijaya said.

We threw whatever we could that floated—surfboards, fenders—then we jumped into the water.

The head of the regional government in the affected area told local television that some of the people recorded as missing may have moved to higher ground to take refuge from the waves. Rick Hallet, who was aboard his boat when the earthquake struck, told Australian television: “We threw whatever we could that floated—surfboards, fenders—then we jumped into the water. Fortunately, most of us had something to hold on to … and we just washed in the wetlands, and scrambled up the highest trees that we could possibly find and sat up there for an hour and a half.” The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issued a statement saying that radio contact had been lost with a tourist boat in the area which could have been nine Australians and a Japanese national. A humanitarian organisation said that there were “genuine fears” for those aboard.

A spokesperson for a surfing resort on the coast of North Pagai said that they had “experienced a level of devastation that has rendered the resort inoperable”. Witnesses suggested that villas at the resort had been “wiped out” by the tsunami. One report suggested that a 10 feet (3 m) wave had hit the resort, causing boats to burst into flames. “There was a lot of debris floating in the water, including bar stools and other pieces of furniture from Macaronis Resort,” a member of staff said. Reports suggested that water had reached rooftops in North Pagai.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area prone to seismic shifts that spark earthquakes and volcanic activity. A massive earthquake in 2004 caused a tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people across the Indian Ocean. After that disaster Indonesia worked to establish early warning systems and disaster management programs to help deal with future quakes.

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Sep 05 2018

Plants As Indoor Air Pollution Solutions

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Plants As Indoor Air Pollution Solutions



Pollution is everywhere. You can even feel it inside your room. Just imagine that you always close your room and air cannot travel freely that is why you feel like you are enclosed inside your own home and you may suffer difficulty of breathing. It is only normal knowing the fact that your home is expose to many pollutants in your environment. Pollutants can travel freely in the air making it a possibility that pollutants could be in your home as well. To maintain the good air in your home, you can buy certain air remedies for balance. There are some devices and home appliances that promises better pollutant equalizer at home.

But, there are some natural remedies in air pollution at home. Such remedy involves the help of plants. Yes, there are best plants for indoor air quality. Such plants are said to be a better remedy in purifying the air in your home and it also serve other purpose and that is it serve as better home decoration as well. You know that plants can produce oxygen that you and your family needs inside your home and by the help of some best plants for indoor air quality, the problem with air pollution inside your home will be minimize.

YouTube Preview Image

If you happen to live in the city, it is also advisable that you buy some best indoor plants for air quality so that you can have fresh air inside your city home. As you can see, you are in the midst of a busy city and pollution is very high, that is why, plants are your best home remedy. It is very affordable and economical so it is a good purchase after all. Do not wait for you to suffer bad air inside your home, use the best indoor plants for air quality so that you can give a better home for your family.

Remember, health is wealth. That is why, it is only fitting that you should have some indoor air pollution solutions for your home to make sure that you and your family are not greatly expose to air pollutants. You can be a little doubtful with the certainty of this idea but if you can look at the fact presented you would know that it is worth a try for you will only spend reasonable amount of money in the process. After all, what is important is your healthy living and your family as well.

Some indoor air pollution is obvious, like cigarette smoke or fuel fumes. It s not too difficult to eliminate those from your home or office. Other indoor pollutants are harder to identify and get rid of.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) include chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene. Exposure to these chemicals can cause all kinds of health problems, and they re all around us. They re present in the plastics, solvents, and cleaning supplies that fill our homes and offices. Obviously you re not going to eat soap and plastic, but to get them into your body, you don t need to: molecules of these chemicals evaporate at room temperature and fill the air. VOCs can build up in buildings with poor ventilation, leading to something called Sick Building Syndrome.

For more information and resources on 

best plants for indoor air quality

, indoor plants and other potted plant facts please visit

the following blogs for live plants


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Sep 05 2018

Obama to suspend Arctic oil drilling

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

According to Democratic Senator Mark Begich from Alaska, the U.S. Department of the Interior has decided to halt all new Arctic exploratory oil drilling applications until 2011. The response is believed to be caused in part by the two current oil spill disasters (that of the Deepwater Horizon Incident and more recently the Alaska oil pipeline malfunction). However, Begich is not happy about the actions taken by the White House.

“I am frustrated that this decision by the Obama administration to halt offshore development for a year will cause more delays and higher costs for domestic oil and gas production to meet the nation’s energy needs,” Begich claims.

Last September, the state of Alaska made a public notice about Shell’s desire to drill off the coast of the Beaufort Sea, placing experimental drilling rigs at two drill site location: “Torpedo” and “Sivulliq”.

“Shell is committed to undertaking a safe and environmentally responsible exploration program in the Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea in 2010,” said Shell Oil Company President Marvin E. Odum to the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Mineral Management Service (MMS).

Odum follows with, “I am confident that we are ready to conduct the 2010 Arctic exploratory program safely and, I want to be clear, the accountability for this program rests with Shell.”

Chuck Clausen, director of the Alaska project at the National Resources Defense Council is not so optimistic: “Hazards present in the Arctic can include frigid temperatures, presence of sea ice, gale-force winds, intense storms and heavy fog … The potential for loss in the Arctic is great.”

Odum believes that the climate in the arctic will make any spill easier to clean up because, “Arctic conditions create differences in responding to oil in cold and ice conditions. Differences in evaporation rates, viscosity and weathering provide greater opportunities to recover oil. In Arctic conditions, ice can aid oil spill response by slowing oil weathering, dampening waves, preventing oil from spreading over large distances, and allowing more time to respond.”

However, Clausen believes that there are no current systems to remove oil from icy ocean waters.

This is not the first time that President Obama’s administration has taken the environmentally cautious path in Alaska. The President put Bristol Bay off limits to oil and gas exploration until 2017. Bristol Bay currently is one of the top salmon fishing grounds in the state.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is expected to give a speech at Thursday’s White House address, regarding the suspension of Arctic oil drilling projects.

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