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Who says that pop music is second-rate compared to other music genres? There is more to pop music than anyone could ever think! Get to discover the appealing talent of the top three modern pop music pianists that certainly has the power to compete to the pianists of other music genres.

Regarded as a phenomenal pianist, Sir Elton John s career has bloomed for three decades. Right before he started taking piano lessons, his piano playing skills has already been noticeable. In the young age of 4 years old, he was sometimes heard picking up complex classical pieces on the piano and what s even greater is he just plays it by ear. When John was 11 years old, he came into the Royal Academy of Music with a scholarship award surpassing other students.

Sir Elton John have similar starting career to most of the musicians. He also played in the pubs for many years. A great opportunity opened to both John and Taupin when they became partners. They compose songs together up to this day. The composition made it possible for John to have his first album release in the 70 s. He became The Father of Rock Piano after the album release.


You will be surprised to know that the famous Billy Joel who made a big hit, The Piano Man , nearly didn t know how to play piano. Because of his mother s motivation, he decided to take his piano lessons. Even though he was mocked by his classmates due to his love for music over sports, his skills still outshone them. To put a stop to their mockery, Joel undoubtedly took boxing when he was still in high school. Engaging in boxing sports, he won many championships but gave it up after having a bad nose injury. He concentrated more on his love for music..

At the age of 14, Joel played the piano excellently. Before he had his first solo album release in 1971, he joined different bands from 1964. His second album The Piano Man , which was released in 1973, became a great hit and earned gold. The recording has sold around 4 million copies up to this date.

Billy Joel continued making many albums in his profession. An album with all his original classical pieces is a part of those.

We owe the major advancement of rock music in the world to Jerry Lee Lewis. Regarded as a genius in the music world, he started playing the piano at an early age and has evident skills in music. He was very much captivated with the negro music and through this; he began to make his original style out of it. It is the music that he got used to from childhood, a mix of gospel, country, r & b and boogie woogie. The most basic type of rock and roll came out.

Due to the music that he had created which was never heard before, he was greatly criticized by the people. His family was even a part of the crowd who expressed disapproval of his work. But despite what s happening, he pursued what he really wanted and expressed his self in the public. This paved him the way to become popular and even a great artist like Elvis Presley praised him.

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