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We all know how important protein, and especially whey protein, is in building lean muscle. However, many whey protein supplement companies don’t provide the best protein that the muscles need to be able to grow and also function properly. There are many whey proteins that are available in the market today and if people are not careful, they might end up buying one that will not only taste awful, but also have little benefit to the body. It is always advisable to do research and also to look for some reviews so that one can decide on what [url=]bodybuilding supplements[/url]protein supplements to purchase. While looking for a good whey protein, one should put into consideration the price, its nutritional value and the taste.

With these three considerations in place, Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein can be considered as one of the best Whey Protein that you can get in the market today. Not only does it taste great, but it is also of the highest quality. Optimum Nutrition uses 100% Ion-Exchanged whey protein and is best used after a workout; although you can also use it is to supplement meals as well. When it comes to the cost, optimum 100% whey protein is pretty competitive as its price is affordable. When you look at its quantity, you will not get disappointed as the product also offers you a percentage discount which is always good when you re planning on sticking at your routine for a long time.


Optimum 100% Whey Protein actual content of protein is 24 grams per serving. This is a lot of protein which means that the recovery time after a workout is drastically reduced as the muscles gets more protein flowing towards repair and growth. The fact that the fat and carbohydrate levels are very low means that one won’t gain excessive weight either. Optimum 100% whey protein helps in giving a person increased energy levels which is great for an active lifestyle.

The taste is another thing that makes Optimum whey stand out from the rest. When it comes to something that you will be drinking regularly, it is important to consider the taste because if it turns out to be bitter, a lot of people would not be able to take it. Optimum Whey comes in several different flavors and this means that if the user is not satisfied with one taste, he can opt for an alternative the next time. The manufacturers have done a top notch job of bringing in the flavors. When drinking this whey protein, it s like you re actually drinking a genuine milkshake.

When it comes to results, you do not necessarily have to use it for a long time as you start feeling a difference in muscle recovery within a few days of using it. Optimum whey gets down to business and sorts out any aches and pains as soon as you drink the shake. For a product so cheap, it has some of the most unbelievable effects that can really give you the control over your body.

This supplement is very easy to mix and does not stick to the side of your blender like other products which you must use a knife to scrape off of the side of the blender receptacle, and you do not end up with a protein shake that you must chew when the protein clumps float on the liquids surface. Overall, this is a great product and we can recommend trying it out.

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