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cheap-wholesale-shop.com » Cleaning Brick Pavers To Improve Their Appearance

Feb 19 2018

Cleaning Brick Pavers To Improve Their Appearance

Published by at 2:25 am under Furniture

byAlma Abell

When a homeowner has a patio made of brick pavers, they most likely enjoy the appearance they give to their property. Cleaning Brick Pavers will help the homeowner avoid a patio that looks drab or lackluster to those who visit. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their brick pavers look their best.

Prepare The Area

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It is best to use a tarp to cover any surrounding landscaping as chemical agents are needed to clean pavers effectively. Remove any furniture from the patio area, so it does not become damaged. A stiff-bristled brush can be used to remove any weeds or moss that has grown between the pavers. The pavers should then be rinsed in their entirety, so the cleaning agent does not cause a filmy substance to adhere to the brick pieces.

Adding The Cleaning Solution

After the pavers are moistened, a cleaning solution can be brushed directly to each paver using the same stiff-bristled brush to work it into the bricks. Some find that a mild solution made of half dish soap and half water will work effectively for dirt removal. If the pavers appear stained, a commercial product can be purchased to be applied. It is important to read the instructions on the commercial products, so they are not kept on the pavers for too long, as they are acidic in nature. The pavers can then be rinsed using a pressure washer to remove the cleaning agent.

Add New Sand

After the pavers are cleaned, there may be a need to add more sand between each one. Simply pour sand in the joint areas between the pavers to replace what had washed away. Use a broom to sweep away excess sand. Afterward, use a garden hose on a mist setting to moisten the sand slightly. This will help push it into place.

If someone is interested in finding out more about Cleaning Brick Pavers effectively, they can call a landscaping company for more information. Take a look at fgmlandscaping.com to learn more about different patio enhancement choices or to make an appointment to repair existing patio to new brick pavers if desired. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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