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Aug 20 2018

Great Use For Straw Bale

Published by at 3:06 pm under Arts And Crafts

By Morgan Hamilton

A straw bale is usually sane as something that has little or no use. But if you were to take a closer look you would see that a straw bale is durable it can be sold for the bedding for animals, landscape supply, and used in construction. They are also on and burned to either get rid of them or provide warmth.

The straw is the plant material that is dry caused by it being left in the fields after a plant has fully matured. Upon the maturation of the plant is harvested and anything that is not used is tossed aside. That is usually the genesis of a straw bale.

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One of the main uses for this type of material is construction. A straw bale can actually provide excellent material for constructing low-cost walls that are quite durable and are excellent insulators. The use of bales for construction purposes was used by the states of the plains in the late part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century. These structures are sturdy and many of which have stood the test of time and are still standing. Straw bale construction can and is used to build just about anything you can imagine including homes, schools and businesses.

Of course the attractive aspect here is the affordability of the material. The cost of a straw bale varies though as it depends on what time of year it is. During harvest time is when they are the least expensive as the added cost of storing the bales is factored out. A straw bale must be kept dry otherwise it’s rigid integrity will be compromised. One of the main advantages of constructing buildings this way is that it’s resistant to fire. The straw is packed very tightly which constrict the movement of oxygen and therefore is very difficult to set on fire.

It is also highly pest resistant. Once again the straw is packed so tightly that pests are unable to pour into it. The plaster that is put on the outside layer makes it so that pests can not penetrate it. The outside layer of plaster also helps to keep out small animals and rodents. Also, that straw has little if any nutritional value so it isn’t all that appetizing to the little critters.

You may not have considered it but this type of material can make a very strong and well-built home. The pioneers and settlers on the plains used straw bale or construction of homes and barns for many years with great success.

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