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Role Of Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories In Power Control}

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Role of heat shrinkable power cable accessories in power control


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Here are plenty of quality manufacturers in our country who are emphasizing greatly on the development of power cable kits and its accessories. With every passing day, the need of quality components for the accurate functioning of electricity is becoming important for a variety of reasons. Thus, in order to maintain the proper safety network everywhere power cable accessories India and other manufacturers are preparing items for all cable types. As they are designed to work in stringent conditions, it is used widely in every industrial sector.

In this article, you will get a detailed analysis on the need of cable accessories and its area of use.

Types of power cables

The main aim of all the leading cable manufacturers is to deliver quality products to enhance the connectivity between the systems. The dual capacitive products are used in various offshore and onshore operations. The hardware, grounding and mounting are used in marine engineering because of its high resistivity. The recent development made by the heat shrinkable power cable manufacturers has made the maintenance of rail plates an easier job. It can be clamped over products of any diameter. You can even use terminations in power cable wraps in separable connectors.

Whether in an organization or at home, the uninterrupted power supply is a major issue. Power cuts can always happen for various reasons. Keep your cupboards always ready with the right kind of accessories to fix any problem at the quickest possible.

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They are designed to operate at any voltage at any specified environmental condition. So, it is advisable to use these products in order to reduce the hazards of power control.


The customer and the professionals must be aware of the salient features of the cable accessories to get the best out of them.

It provides brilliant sealing properties as they are made up of superior quality plastics and metals.

It can be used and installed in both wet and dry condition.

It increases the protection against the water contaminants

They are designed with accurate allowances and measurements to fight against the UV radiations.

The shrink ratio of the heat shrinkable power cable is below 2.1 which makes it helpful to work in every condition

They need less labor with easy operation and installations.

Role of power cable items

Heat shrinkable power cable is a specially formulated device with proper insulation which is capable to work at both high and low voltage. They are made up of heat shrinkable gels with accurate resin materials to deliver power up to 1KV. The sealants provide a gripping force which induces the elastomers to combine with other sealing materials to produce its water-resistant characteristics.

Apart from all these, you can also use it for residential performances for high tension operations.

In order to initiate easy and safer functioning of the electrical applications, it is highly recommended to use these products. There are plenty of heat shrinkable accessories which are available in the market for providing better insulation.

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