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Capricorn men are very difficult people as they do not open up easily. They do not like to be obvious about their intention, especially when its regarding a date or loved one. Capricorn men will not talk about his personal matters to a person he does not fully trust. So, people should be patient with Capricorn men; especially in matters of the heart. Some useful Capricorn men dating tips are:

A Capricorn man likes an open-minded woman who gives him space to be himself. A few other qualities like loyalty and dependability are also important for women looking to date Capricorn men. He also requires help and a very sophisticated and mature approach from the women.

Most Capricorn men have trouble dealing with women. They find it hard to communicate their feelings and see the opportunity going past them. People have written many books on this topic and there are a few points that people should keep in mind while approaching a woman.


Capricorn men dating tips include the fact that they should try dating Piscean women as the two sun-signs are quite compatible. The Pisces female acts as a fish which soothes and softens the cold attitude of the Capricorn male. Such males often feel stressed and low, so the female needs to be caring and understanding and provide him with some sort of moral support. The female should be a good listener as Capricorn men like to tell a lot about themselves to people they can trust. They are workaholics and therefore need an outlet to vent their innermost feelings.

Capricorn men dating tips include taking the initiative to call his female friends more often. For example, one Capricorn man found this out recently, when he called up his classmate to arrange a study date before the exams. At first, he was a bit apprehensive of her agreeing to it, but was quite satisfied with the positive response, which he eventually got.

Yet another Capricorn men dating tips include that they should have several female friends to choose their special one. Having more friends would make them frank and at ease. They would also have a great time seeing different girls and also do better at their studies or profession because, now it’s just a matter of finding the soul mate that meets their benchmarks. Capricorn men dating tips are useful for Capricornians who fear about a womans behavior if they start talking to her. It would also help you cope with loneliness and a sense of apathy for yourself.

Capricorn men should not be afraid of rejection as it is a well known fact that one cannot please everybody.. You win some, you lose some!

They should not feel embarrassed while approaching a girl. They should not worry uselessly about other women friends while talking to one.

Though it is very chauvinistic, but Capricorn men dating tips are extremely important for those who fear what other guys would think, if they come to know that a womens help was needed.

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