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Jul 24 2018

Ic Agency In Geneva Changes Its Name To Become The Digital Luxury Group

Published by under Public Relations

IC-Agency in Geneva changes its name to become the Digital Luxury Group


Dan luxuryie

IC-Agency has become one of the key players in digital marketing for luxury brands over the years, with the ultimate ambition to become the leader in this market as well as a partner with the world s top luxury brands. With this goal still in mind, the company is developing various strategic partnerships throughout the world, and has now changed its name to become the Digital Luxury Group, DLG SA.

The CEO of the Digital Luxury Group, DLG SA and majority shareholder, David Sadigh explains: Luxury brands that encounter the most success are very often those that are the most mature in their digital strategy. Our group was born out of the vision of bringing together both the expertise and the tools necessary to contribute to the success of the iconic brands that inspire us.

YouTube Preview Image

Digital Luxury Group has already established two partnerships in China, who relay the visibility of our clients, following our instructions and our work processes. In a few months, our network will broaden, especially in the United States and in Dubai, projects David Sadigh. But client relationships will always be managed by our experts in the Geneva Headquarters, who act as coordinators with our partners across the globe.

The steady and strong growth of the company has lead the Digital Luxury Group to expend its digital team and add a new expert Tamar Koifman, a New Yorker specializing in digital marketing, who has worked with L Or al, Clinique and Chanel. Tamar is joining the Social Media team at Digital Luxury Group as Senior Social Media Strategist. Furthermore, the team continues to grow with more new hires in the works.

This new name does not affect at all the fact that the Digital Luxury Group will continue to publish its annual edition of the WorldWatchReport market study, in partnership with Europa Star and with support from the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. This study is frequently quoted as a source of reference by press agencies, the media and search engines such as Google.

As for the IC-Agency brand, it does not disappear and has been handed over to IC-Agency Canada, which will now operate under that name for its own Canadian activities, having no association at all with Digital Luxury Group.

The author works for the

Digital Luxury Group

, also called

Digital Luxury


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Jan 29 2018

Using Local Listings To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Published by under Public Relations

By Simon Volkov

Local listings refer to online directories that offer pertinent information about businesses. Companies receiving top listings have the potential to obtain new customers and improve search engine rankings.

Uploading information to local listings directories is a tedious task as there are numerous online directories. Most require hand-submission of business name, address, local number, toll-free number, fax number, email and website address. This can easily consume 80+ man-hours.

Many businesses submit to the major search providers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, but neglect to submit to the hundreds of lesser known search engines. Taking time to establish multiple local listings provides multiple benefits. One of the most prevalent is each listing provides an inbound link.

Websites are ranked on many factors including the number of quality websites that link back to them. Quality links improve page rank which, in turn, helps improve search engine ranking. Higher rankings allow businesses to be easily found and can help increase sales.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition to publishing local listings via directories, businesses should also publish to online phone directories, local social listings, and data providers and aggregators. Companies should include local listings within their online marketing plan. Publishing will be an ongoing task because new listing websites open nearly every day.

It is wise to follow-up on published listings on a regular basis. Listings should be checked for accuracy immediately upon publication. Directory service provider employees typically transcribe provided information into their database. Computer glitches and human error can occur, so follow up to ensure listings are correct. Promptly contact the listing company to resolve issues if erroneous information appears.

Publishing via local social listings has advantages and disadvantages. These interactive directories encourage visitors to write product and company reviews. While good reviews can be good for business, bad reviews tend to spread like wildfire.

It is strongly recommended to implement tracking methods that provide instant notification when unsolicited reviews are published. If reviews are demagogic it might be necessary to request removal through the directory provider.

It is also advantageous to receive notification of positive reviews. This venue provides abundant opportunities to build customer relations. Personal testimonials can be shared on company websites and blogs or through social media marketing outlets. Additionally, testimonials provided via social listings helps build consumer trust due to their unbiased nature.

When consumers visit social listing sites such as Yelp and InsiderPages they are usually looking for a local business as well as customer reviews. Taking time to publish at social directories is a smart marketing technique that can improve sales and search engine rankings.

Local listings, link building, and customer reviews are highly beneficial in the online world, but are only one element of Internet marketing. It can be helpful to build a network of service providers in order to capitalize on the variety of marketing strategies. These might include website developers and designers, freelance writers, online marketing company, and marketing consultants.

No one is capable of managing all facets of Internet marketing alone. Working with an online marketing agency can relieve burdens and yield impressive ad campaigns.

Building brand awareness online involves incorporating multiple strategies which can include podcasting, online videos, social media, mobile marketing, national and local listings. Marketing agencies can provide required services at a fraction of the cost to purchase software and equipment or hire employees.

About the Author: Learn how to unleash the power of local listings and launch your business to the next level. Online Marketing DNA offers exclusive Internet marketing packages and business coaching to help business owners achieve success. Discover the possibilities at OnlineMarketingDNA.com.

Source: isnare.com

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Jan 26 2018

Short Stay Serviced Apartments Within Abu Dhabi Most Preferable Option For Female Tourist

Published by under Public Relations

Abu Dhabi apartments are engaging options either for expense or personal use. Abu Dhabi relishes robust overall economy and also a reputation of one of this wealthiest of seven Emirates of UAE. For that reason, to shop for property or home in Abu Dhabi is of fabulous relevance for any who want to spend in the property market. In recent times, Abu Dhabi Government for Economic Advancement unveiled its 2030 financial perspective.

The plans validates: “By 2030 Abu Dhabi intends to set up a sustainable and diversified, significant value-added economic climate that may be clearly provided straight into the multinational financial system and this features even more affable and excellent business opportunities for every its occupants and natives.Knowing this devotion done at the Authority, it is really fairly apparent that this treasure of a Gulf is quite confirmed for over-all development of its inhabitants and homeowners.And rise in the sale made of apartments in Abu Dhabi echoes over all financial improvement that Abu Dhabi has gained to date.Normally, property sector is a marketplace which supplies tone to all round progress of economic system,It could be an issue to hire apartments in Abu Dhabi or to buy home in Abu Dhabi.

In its 2030 global financial vision, the Emirate also figures that motels community that is the quickest rising field will support other companies, civilization, recreational and passe-temps (blank).When we discuss in relation to Abu Dhabi apartments, they’re not always luxury flats.Nonetheless, rather they supply all of the diverse requirements of varied inhabitants together with companies.It would be interesting to find out why there is certainly these an attractive force to order building in Abu Dhabi.The richest Emirates amongst every one of the 7 Emirates provides significant variety of purely natural isles, eye-catching beach streets, social and history sources, desirable climate for all 12months during a year and different panorama.

YouTube Preview Image

Abu Dhabi attaches with the globe genuinely effortlessly and that’s among the list of reasons why Apartments in Abu Dhabi are prominent.Getting a midsized tropical isle, Abu Dhabi has fabulous haulage facility and attributed to this it is actually hooked up exceptionally perfectly with the remaining earth.Reaching approximately the requirements of main event traveller put, Abu Dhabi also delivers trendy vacation resorts, lodges, golf club and best facilities towards the airport terminals.Saadiyat Island Cultural District is Abu Dhabi’s prestigious visitor and national presenting.Among the list of significant holiday-maker and ethnical giving is Saadiyat Island Cultural District.As part of its expansion, there would be museums and galleries, ethnic and training companies.The year ’06 documented GDP as $100 billions , up 21.7% from the previous entire year.Because the year 2002, the average Gross domestic product progress was 25% a year.The year ’04 reported 31% expansion and 2005 recorded 38%.In 2004, the progress was 31% and in 2005 it was 38% and also Abu Dhabi is certainly one of the world’s most prosperous nations seeing that its per-capita GDP is greater than $68,000.

Including to the country’s appeal is political balance.Governmental security comes from its dynasty traditions.Also, Abu Dhabi has Geographical reward. You will find long-time international brokers in Abu Dhabi that are based from the United states., Germany, Canda, Britain, France, Switzerland and Australia. Therefore safe polity, the Emirate adores 0 % criminal offenses rate.As a result, strong polity delivers Abu Dhabi 0 % crime quote.Each one of these factors and lots of some others attract businesses which prefer to establish themselves within this Pearl with the Gulf.Like we reviewed, there are actually not invariably expensive apartments in Abu Dhabi.Serviced Abu Dhabi apartments are magnificent in a very feeling which they attributes needed habitants their particular room with each of the important solutions this includes cleaning service solutions.Each one of these companies are 30% more inexpensive compared to hotel accommodation.Serviced apartments are primarily for those organization vacationers or travellers that are for just a short span in Abu Dhabi.As a substitute of lodging in resorts, these travelers plan to obtain home-like sense with all types expert services in existence at cheaper prices.In its place of per person, prices are usually decided per day which in turn sometimes presents significantly better worth for moolah in the course of a brief or medium-term stay.

Amid so many benefits of such apartments are : zero cost internet connection, laundering, ironing, food preparation and so on.Other advantages of this condominiums incorporate free of charge internet connection, cleaning, pressing, food preparation and so on.

The cause is they provide better versatility and safe place than typical motel stay.The attractiveness is given that they give increased overall flexibility and secure and protected environment to vacationers.This may not be plausible inside of a limited area of hotel room.Once we converse about flexibility, it typically will mean significant area.All those who’re in Abu Dhabi also see it a really good idea to hire apartments in Abu Dhabi.There are various real-estate lenders who present the collection of sites for purchase in Abu Dhabi which happens to be obtainable by individuals online or off the net.

But, it is essential to investigate the credibility of those property brokers.The checklist of house in Abu Dhabi must be legitimate while you have to make an smart resolution about your potential path of motion.Nearly all serious estate agencies give the directory of rooms for rent in Abu Dhabi.This listing is often observed on the net by users.But, ahead of deciding upon your broker, you’ll need to investigate the reliability of your real real estate company.For you to make an informed determination about your future, the posting of residence in Abu Dhabi need to be appropriate and original.

Article Source: sooperarticles.com/real-estate-articles/short-stay-serviced-apartments-within-abu-dhabi-most-preferable-option-female-tourist-656994.html

About Author:

Alton Wood will work as an expert within a mortgages company. He regularlyblogs about Real estate properties in Abu Dhabi. Author: Alton Wood

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Jan 17 2018

Fashion Industry Mergers And Acquisitions Boom

Published by under Public Relations

By Orietta Qi

Economic instability, unemployment is still rising, as if blowing the acquisition of the fashion industry’s boom. Private investment companies have a lot of surplus capital waiting to digest, compared to stock price and earnings fairly low, investors are holding funds accumulated by the time ready to re-spotted investment. Means of financing available for paving the way to achieve the transaction. Transaction tax will increase next year the price goes high, became the catalyst for mergers and acquisitions completed this year.

Global mergers and acquisitions in the third quarter of this year surged to 599 billion U.S. dollars, according to Reuters data, which increased by 35.6% than last year in August to become the largest volume of transactions over the past decade in August.

Financial markets are not calm, or take transaction can be aborted at any time, but still grabs a lot of fashion companies. Popular books on target mostly cash-rich, low debt, the stock is relatively cheap business.

Easy to master prelude to the fashion giant

Recent travels is sweeping the retail monopoly Maternity Destination Maternity Corp. By Peter J. Solomon Co investment company and intends the acquisition phase, although the buyer and the seller refused to make any comments on the matter. Destination Maternity is no doubt for its new owner in pregnant women increased supplies on the market a lot of influence. The company’s current market value is $ 225,000,000, in Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, and the name of its namesake brand total of 701 retail stores, under the name also has several large chain department stores in the United States such as Macys, Sears and Kmart in the business business license.

YouTube Preview Image

American Apparel Group, American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Also reported last month, the wind will be acquired. Investors are also watching young men and women bear the casual apparel retailer Aropostale and the United States’s second-largest sporting goods retailer Finish Line Inc. As a possible takeover target. Finish Line’s spokesman declined to respond to the rumors, and Aropostale official also made no mention of matters.

The luxury fashion brand, international private equity investment firm TowerBrook Capital Partners acquired the footwear brands in recent years, robust in much of Jimmy Choo. In addition, Rodarte fashion brand is working with the Louis Vuitton LVMH landed one after another to keep the acquisition talks.

According to this trend in the near future, perhaps a lot of fashion giant behind the boss will put on new faces.

“Now a lot of good deal on the market,” global retail consulting firm AlixPartners David Bassuk, managing director of the Department, “said private equity players are close watch on every investment opportunity.” This means that leveraged buyouts and be back on the market, despite the increasingly stringent lending mechanisms that make acquisitions when investors may not apply to loans with the former as high, but the mature market and many senior investment professionals can help a lot of their transactions.

Bassuk said, “Currently we have more in financing to buy the senior director responsible for private equity and hedge funds business, ready to take over and operate the target company. So many professionals, you might think they have retirement, is enjoying its own garden, leisure life, but it is not. “

Some well-known companies have begun to CEO in private equity investment business, including the former U.S. private equity firm Lee Equity Partners’s fashion retailer Deb Shops Inc. Non-executive chairman Allen Questrom, there is J Brand’s chairman Peter Boneparth investment companies are now also being employed by Star Avenue Capital.

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Oct 11 2017

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Published by under Public Relations

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