Wichita Family Dentistry And Your Healthy Teeth

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byAlma Abell

The first line of defense in oral health is preventative measures. You can brush and floss at home, but you also need to see your dentist regularly. The recommended schedule for seeing your dentist is every six months. Wichita Family dentistry provides preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and other dental care for healthy teeth and gums. The following will address a few basics of these services.



1. Regular exams allow the dentist to find potential problem and to detect the early signs of gum and/or tooth disease.2. Fluoride treatments are sometimes used to strengthen teeth.3. Sealants for molars are used to protect the crevices in difficult to reach teeth.4. Teeth cleanings are done to eliminate plaque and tartar that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.5. Home care instructions give you and your children the correct information about taking care of your oral health at home.


1. Fillings are used for mild to moderate cavities and can be tooth-colored or silver depending on where the tooth decay is located.2. Crowns are used to save and protect a severely decayed tooth and are often used in conjunction with dental bonding materials.3. Root canals are the last treatment that can be done to save a nerve-damaged, badly damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns/caps are commonly used to further protect the affected tooth.4. Dental bonding can be used to restore a fractured tooth, broken tooth, or other restorative solution for a damaged tooth.


1. Teeth whitening, the most popular method of enhancing your smile is a cosmetic service provided by qualified dentists.2. Dental implants, used to replace missing teeth, usually require some kind of surgery like bone grafts and are done by cosmetic dentists with implant and oral surgery backgrounds.3. Veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain or plastic used to cover problem teeth used in cosmetic Wichita Family dentistry. These do not require grinding your teeth down like crowns/caps.4. Caps/crowns are used less often for cosmetic purposes, but are still occasionally used to correct a tooth problem that veneers may not be able to cover.

These are the basics of three services commonly provided by a full-service family dentist. Endotontics for gum disease and orthodontics for repairing misaligned teeth or the jawbone are also services you will find at Omido Exquisite Cosmetic & General Dentistry. You can expect quality services at this dental office regardless of your dental health needs.